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Welcome to the new homepage of Top Outfitters Army Surplus & More in Johnston City, IL.

We are rated as the biggest and best Army Surplus store in Southern Illinois by our customers. Stop by sometime and check us out.

We are located 3.5 miles north of Marion on Route 37 at the corner of Stotlar Road.

Click on our Downloads Page to see a map of our location!

We offer a 10% discount for members of the military, ROTC, Civil Air Patrol, and the Young Marines.


Spring is in the air...

and the mushrooms will be popping up soon. Are you going to sit at that computer all day or decide to dust off your hiking boots and take in some nature before the bugs take over. Spring is a great time of year for camping, crappie fishing and turkey hunting. We have ghillie suits, boots, ponchos, tarps, and quality 1095 carbon steel U.S.A. machetes. Before you blow your tax return on rims, stop by Top Outfitters and upgrade your gear.

Top Outfitters Army Surplus is now on FACEBOOK! We will be featuring seasonal products and merchandise not on our website on facebook. Click through and check it out! Top Outfitters on Facebook!

ARM Your FEET with Belleville Boots. Follow this link and check out the new Tactical Research Line from Belleville Boot Company. These boots offer superior comfort and durability at a fantastic price.

Please check back for product updates and new downloads.

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Questions about us or our products?

Call us at 618.983.6971
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Hours: 9a.m. - 5p.m.
Closed SUN

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