Map to Top Outfitters (1)

Click on this link to view a close-up map of our location.

Pics from Ft. Massac Rendezvous, 2012 (6)

The fall encampment featured a large battle reenactment and much living history; including Blacksmiths, Weaving, Pottery and Cooking

Big Sky Country (15)

Since the days of Manifest Destiny, the western states have drawn frontiersmen, explorers, pioneers, and mostly these days, tourists. The following pics were taken on a trip to Yellowstone, the very first national park.

World War II Photos (6)

Here are some WWII photos I have collected over the years. Some are scans of actual photos, others I have collected on the web.

Pics from Military Vehicle Show in Tamaroa, IL (10)

Here are some pics I took at the Military Vehicle Club Rally in Tamaroa, IL.

Cache River Hiking Trip 2008 (8)

Located in the Southern most part of Illinois, Cache River State Natural Area offers a unique glimpse into the natural history of Southern Illinois. Encompassing 14,489 acres the area offers hiking, canoeing, hunting, fishing and bird watching opportunities.

Pics from Fort Massac Rendezvous, 2005 (7)

A collection of pics from Fort Massac Rendezvous in Metropolis, IL. This is an annual encampment that draws thousands of spectators, re-enactors and craftsmen. The newly rebuilt fort is a re-creation of the American Fort built in 1802.

Store Pics (8)

Here are some pics from inside the store.

Military Manual Downloads (4)

These are short excerpts from military manuals with useful information for the soldier, law enforcement personnel, paintballer, airsoft player and outdoorsman. (Must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view downloads) Please Note : The material in these downloads has been approved for public release and has no distribution limitations.

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