How to Order (1)

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Uniforms (28)

BDU's (camoflauge and solid colors), Duty gear, Boots, EMT pants, Holsters, Insignia and Patches

Surplus (26)

Clothing, boots, web gear, vests, A.L.I.C.E. Packs, ammo cans and crates, sleeping bags, tents, euro rucksacks, M.R.E.s

Camouflage (6)

Unique camouflage items that move beyond the basics of breaking up your outline

Workwear (2)

Carhartt (your special order headquarters)

AirSoft (4)

High Qualtiy Spring, Battery and CO2 powered AirSoft guns and supplies

Knives (9)

Our knife inventory changes constantly, brands we carry include: Boker, Smith & Wesson, Ontario, Kershaw, Columbia River Knife and Tool, Kabar, M-Tech, Jaguar, Master Knives, Spec Plus, and Benchmade

Camping Supplies (24)

Essential items for camping and cooking outdoors

Flashlights (1)

Unique flashlights for rugged outdoor use

Children's Clothes (5)

Carhartt and Camo for the kids

Jerry Can Accessories (4)

Replacment Parts for GI gas cans

Military Bags (8)

Assorted Duffle Bags, Canvas Bags, and Pouches

Women's Camo (5)

Camo clothes for the ladies

Paintball (12)

We offer a full line of paintball gear from Tippmann, Kee Action, and Procaps. We fill CO2 tanks and also repair markers and tanks. We custom build tippmann markers and install marker upgrades purchased in the store at no cost to you.

Rope (13)

550 Paracord, Atwood polypropylene utility rope from 1/4" to 5/8", Atwood 10,000 lb test Dozer rope in 3/4", Atwood 1/2" & 5/8" arbor line, 7/16" Rappelling rope

Flags (7)

Stick Flags, Desk Flags and Outdoor flags made of Polyester; Military, U.S.A., POW-MIA, and others

Tarps and Netting (5)

U.S.A. made canvas tarps, Camo Systems netting, Military surplus netting, Cargo nets and more

Books and Manuals (5)

Military manuals, Books on survival, Self defense and Camouflage

Air Power (6)

Blowguns, Blow darts, Air rifles, and Accessories

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